Worf: Star Trek TNG

A funky Worf inspired design that I did for a friend who’s father’s birthday was fast approaching and she wanted a custom teeshirt for him. One of his fav characters is Worf so I did this for him. I really hope he likes it!

2 thoughts on “Worf: Star Trek TNG

  1. “I am her father.”
    The design is fantastic, I’ve had loads of people asking me where I got it from and are quite disappointed when they find out it’s unique and not in the shops. The colours transferred over very well, including the Klingon text.
    Thanks for a great piece of art and good luck with the website.
    I’m off now to have a look at the Fractured Space art covers, (like the idea) and the article about Discovery.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi!

      I am really glad you like it and I am really happy it came out well and thank you for your kind words!
      Its always good to have something that was unique and made for you. So I am made up that it worked for you.


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