Devil Makes Work…

Around 10 years ago I had an idea for a web comic called Devil Makes Work…

It was about a guy called Stan who dies and goes to Hell, but rather than spend eternity suffering he was in fact offered a job. The web comic followed Stan’s exploits as a Soul Procurement Officer working, a job he didn’t want to do, but had too.

A few years later around 2010 I had an idea to develop it as a TV series or more specifically a animated TV series. I was very much into Family Guy at the time and thought I would have a go at setting something up.

To cut a long story short, I did OK but never really came close I don’t think. I actually managed to attach two well known celebrities to the show (Dean Andrews of Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes fame and Peter Dickson, well known voice over guy) as well as getting a American animator to do a short 1 minute promo, based off some amazing character designs by Kenneth Anderson. I even managed to get an agent, which is were it all fell down unfortunately. It all died a death from that point on and it made me give up on a dream that I had of writing a TV show or Film since I completed my qualification in Media way back in 2001.

Well now, in the modern age of streaming and the likes of Amazon Prime accepting submissions, I thought I would revisit the idea and see if there was still some life left in the old dog yet. So below are the original character designs and the 1 minute promo which was completed all that time ago. I will update this site as I go along as a personal production log including when the script is completed and any new concepts / designs that I might come up with (as I have improved my art a lot since then)

I hope you follow my journey!

Kenneth Anderson original character designs based on my initial sketches

Devil Makes Work promo created by Ben Luce

Watch this space!!!!

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